The First Fair of Jobs and Graduation Projects of the Fourth Level Students

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The First Fair of Jobs and Graduation Projects of the Fourth Level Students

The University of Information and Communication Technology (UoITC) organized an fair of graduation projects of the senior students of the Faculty of Business Informatics and the "First Jobs Fair" with the participation of a number of private sector companies.
The Department of Rehabilitation, Placement and Follow-up at the University conducted the first job fair with the participation of a number of private sector companies and banks, such as Smart Delivery Company, Moon Gate for Information and Communication Technologies, Earthlink Communications Company, Noah Electronic Platform, Al-Aswar Trading Group, developments International Bank, This exhibition was held in order to open the horizons of cooperation with private sector institutions in order to market university graduates to the labor market.
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The head of the university, Dr. Abbas Mohsen al-Bakry, said in a speech during the exhibition: "The acceleration in the requirements of the market in the mixed sectors requires us as academic societies and institutions to keep tracking of the acceleration. Between 2025 and 2030, a huge number of jobs will be canceled. The larger of these jobs, this requires us to have a real and realistic vision of this change.
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Also the assistant of head of the university for scientific affairs, Dr. Jean Jalil Astefan, said that the university seeks through the Division of Rehabilitation, Employment and Follow-up to pay attention to the development of their abilities in the field of information and communications technology, which gives them the ability to compete for jobs after graduation through a series of training and rehabilitation programs For students during their studies as well as open the prospect of cooperation with public and private sector institutions in order to market them to the local labor market.
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During the fair, a lecture about the practical life of the postgraduate student provided by the Moon Gate for ICT was focused on how the graduating student can market himself to companies in the public and private sectors.
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The head of the University also opened the fair of graduation projects for the fourth year studentsin the Faculty of Business Informatics and briefed the student's projects as well as a number of projects presented by the companies participating in the exhibition.

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The Information Technology Center / Applications Section offered a system of follow-up and recruitment of graduates, which aims to follow up and graduate students after the end of the academic study through the preparation of workshops and conferences to qualify them and find jobs for them through the correct preparation for them.
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At the end of the fair, the university president presented a book of thanks and appreciation to the participants in the exhibition from private companies and banks in appreciation of their efforts in supporting the students.

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