UOITC Celebrates Mosul Liberation

17072017 0

Marking the liberation of Mosul and under the guidance of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, University of Information Technology and Communications and the Iraqi commission for Computers and Informatics organized " Victory Week " celebration.

17072017 1The president of the university attended the celebration along with the spokesman of the Ministry of Defense brigadier- general pilot Muhammed Alkhudary and the head of Alruad Alsadiqun foundation for supporting and rescuing the popular mobilization Shaikh Falah Alzaidy and a number of personalities, in addition to the faculty and staff of the university and the commission.

17072017 2Dr. Albakry presented his congratulations of the victory to the religious leadership and the Iraqi people for the great victory on the terrorists. He assured that the sacrifices made for this victory had a major role in freeing the city and raising the banner of Iraq. He appreciated the remarkable role of the religious leadership in its blessed fatwa which aborted the conspiracy plots against Iraq and Iraqis.
The spokesman of the Ministry of Defense Muhammed Alkhudhary congratulated victories on ISIS and Mosul liberation. He assured that the rest of the areas controlled by ISIS will be liberated in some time soon. He clarified that the Iraqi security forces of all types are ready to continue freeing the rest of the land. He assured that this victory was the result of the Iraqi unity represented by the popular mobilization supporting the Iraqi army against terrorism.
The head of Alruad Alsadiqun foundation Shaikh Falah Alzaidy confirmed that Iraq has strong men who defeated the enemy. Alzaidy confirmed that ISIS gangs committed the most horrible crimes against Iraqis. He said that after this victory attention should be given to knowledge appreciating at the same time the role of the University of Information Technology and Communications in supporting security forces, the popular mobilization, and the displaced through the donations it made.
17072017 4Alzaidy called attention to the families of the martyrs and injured who had made precious sacrifices to liberate the land from ISIS terrorism.
The celebration included speeches, national anthems, and poems praised the great victory. The university staff distributed juice and candies with the Iraqi flags inside and outside the university. The university hanged up a big Iraqi flag on the building besides hanging up ornament and printed facades.