Holding an Introductory Workshop for the Conference on the Declaration of the Digital System Requirements for Criminal Justice

03082017 0

The University of Information Technology and Communications with the National Criminal Justice Commission and a delegation from the United Nations Development Program and the Nahrain Center for Studies held an introductory workshop for the Declaration Conference document requirements for completing the digital system of criminal justice.

03082017 1The meeting was held at the Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies in the presence of a representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Mr. Patrick Carroll, the Science and Technology Advisor in the Parliament, Dr. Dr. Sattar Al Saadi, member of the commission of the Criminal Justice Project Engineer Mohammed Abdul Amir, Safa Abis Mahdi "and a number of members of the Committee.

The president of the National Criminal Justice Commission, Dr. Ali Tarash, presented a summary of the project of the digital system of criminal justice, pointing out that the project aims to support social control, deter and mitigate crimes and punish violators of the system with criminal penalties. The continuation of its work and the withdrawal of the United Nations cadres from Iraq, and other internal obstacles in the institutions of the state concerned with this project. After that part of the project was completed , which was shortened to data centers currently directed at the Ministry of Interior and the headquarters of the Supreme Judicial Council, noting that this pilot project since 2015 has not been used,

Dr. Tarash pointed out that the aim of this project is to follow up the accused, follow up on the case or the case, in addition to the preliminary supervision of the investigative papers. During the meeting, the experiences of some countries were presented in the field of forensic evidence.

03082017 2For his part, the representative of the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), Mr. Patrick Carroll, expressed his support for the project through the working group. Due. Carroll said the initiative was aimed at improving Iraq's criminal justice system and was part of a reform effort for the Iraqi government.

"The presence of specialized universities in this field, such as the University of Information and Communications Technology, will contribute significantly to solving the problem of criminal justice in Iraq," said Mohamed Abdul Amir, member of the main body of the Criminal Justice Project, pointing out that there are major challenges facing the criminal justice system in Iraq.

As explained by Science and Technology Advisor in the parliament Professor "Star Saadi, members of the project team will be invited to the parliament and facilitate some things to meet with the President of the Council to put forward views and solutions to implement the project in order to try to export laws to serve this process.

Saadi stressed the need to have an integrated system between all departments and institutions of the State to implement the criminal justice project in addition to broad media support for success.

While the media expert Mr. Diaa Al-Wakil, a former spokesman for the Office of the Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, confirmed on the need to take care of the role of important media to mobilize efforts to implement this vital system in Iraq

A conference on the Declaration of Requirements for the Completion of the Digital System of Criminal Justice will be held on 15 August 2017 at the Nahrain Center for Strategic Studies.