University President Assistant for Scientific Affairs participated in the Visit of the Ministry Delegation to the Republic of Armenia

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UOITC president assistant for scientific affairs the Dr. Jane J. Stephan participated the delegation of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research in the visit to Yerevan capital of Armenia.
Stephan attended all official meetings headed by the minister of higher education and scientific research Prof. Dr. Abdulrazzaq A. Al-Esa with Armenian side that concentrated on the programs of development, education and science in Republic of Armenia.arrrmenea 4
This visit of Iraqi delegation contained doing discussions with the Armenian side focused on the necessary of doing bilateral cooperation between the two countries especially in scientific and research fields. During the visit, Al-Esa be shown on the experience of the American University in Armenia and it was agreed to establish joint scientific programs in technical and scientific specialties to benefit from them in the project of establishing the American University in Baghdad.
Noting that, the ministry of higher education and scientific research gave scholarships to the Armenian side in different specialties. From his side, the president of Armenian parliament expressed on his thanks and appreciation for the scientific initiative, praised on the cultural and knowledge role of Iraq and emphasized on the commitment of his country in supporting Iraqi people and introducing scholarships in medical and military specialties.