University President Assistant for Scientific Affairs Visited the Examination Classes of the Second Attempt

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Assistant of UOITC president for scientific affairs and head of students affairs department did inspection tour to follow up the examination process of the second attempt in the university.
The Dr. Jane J. Stephan UOITC president assistant and the Dr. Mohammed Qassim head of students affairs department visited the examination halls in BIC college to stand on the process of examinations in the second attempt to point on the needs of students and to introduce moral support to them.21733268 910774079071892 1108573939 n
During her tour in the class rooms, Stephan saw the introduced services by the examination committees and the visors on the examination halls and the manner of questions. In the same time, she emphasized on introducing more efforts to serve the education in the country to keep up with the developed countries.
Dr. Jane encouraged the students not to hurry, doing answers with more focus, studying the questions carefully, and reviewing the answers before handing over the exam book in order to achieve success and excellence and to move to the new stage.