President of the University of Information Technology and Communications Convened Meeting with the Faculty Staff About the Directions and Guidelines of the New Academic Year

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UOITC president the Prof. Dr. Abbas M. Al-Bakry met the faculty staff and talked about the directions and guidelines for the new academic year.
Al-Bakry said in the meeting that is attended by the scientific assistant, dean of Business Informatics College and a number of university lecturers, the UOITC intends to do more interaction with the community to be more effective and responsive to the society's requirements in the field of information technology.
University president directed the attended lecturers to the need of paying more attention to scientific researches as they are useful and beneficial in supporting the applicable and practical side. He also referred to the necessity in developing the relationship between the lecturer and student and follow up the students and encouraging them to contribute in the field of competence and other areas of life. University president also emphasized on the need to maintain the lectures time and motivating the students to respect the lecture.21691159 912717515544215 207981618 n
From her side, University president assistant for scientific affairs the Dr. Jane J. Stephan talked about the importance of participating the lecturers in scientific conferences through applicable papers in order to elevate the university in terms of considering the standards in publishing researches in international journals, as well as in interesting in elevating the university through the commitment in scientific curriculum and academic schedule and preparing the practical aspect and interesting in completing the lectures in full.
The dean of BIC emphasized through his word to university and college lecturers on concentrating on the correct choice in publishing papers through attempting to publish in scientific journals with high impact factors. He also emphasized on the striving of presidency and the university council to promote the annual scientific conference of the university.
At the end of meeting, university president listened to the questions introduced by some lecturers about the used electronic and administrative systems in the university in order to increase the speed of accomplishment of the tasks and responsibilities of the university in the least time and effort.