UoITC organized a training course about the classifications of computer applications quality

Quality Assurance and University Performance Department cooperates with Continues Education Department, in order to organize a training course about quality criteria of computer applications. These criteria are determine by ABET/CAC organization.
The training course presented by the lecturer Jamal Othman. He introduced quality standards of computer applications, review and evaluation techniques for academic programs. As well, he clarified to participants manners of managing review and evaluation plans for academic departments.
The training course clarified the negatives of the classic educational manners which don't make use of the soft skills of students.
The course also included a practical side, to participants divided the participants into two teams and assigning them to prepare some of the jobs like review and evaluate plans for a scientific department. The last day included representatives of the two teams presenting a proposal for the plan they prepared.
The training course was attended by a group of university professors and quality officials in its faculty. It focused on the principles of the educational process, namely, student and scientific research, because the quality of the educational product in any educational institution is measured by its ability to compete in the labor market and the scientific research market.