The world is witnessing rapid development in the field of informatics that causes informatics overlap with different specializations and emergence of many new such as business informatics. The College of Business Informatics is a first Iraqi college in the field of automation of business management. The College aims to prepare graduates able to find software solutions for administrative problems and support the e-governance project.

The College seeks superiority at all levels through twinning its curriculum with global curriculum on the one hand and investigation the needs of the labor market on the other hand. The continuous training for lecturers and employees to improve their skills, and automating the administrative programs to be a perfect college which is managed electronically. All of this will contribute to improving the level and ability of graduate student to create opportunities and to compete in all the different sectors of work.

The College of Business Informatics presented the play #Be positive to support the security forces and the popular mobilization force


The Student Activities Department-The Information Technology College of the University of Information Technology and Communications has established the play #Be positive to support the security forces and the popular mobilization force against terrorism
The play was presented at the university hall by the Department of Student Activities. It presented by some students of the college. The play dealt with the victories achieved by the security forces and the popular mobilization against the terrorist and the great role played by those forces in liberating areas that were occupied by terrorist groups.

The play focused on the role of a university student in the battle and how a student should take care of his studies, which is another battle waged by honorable people of our country against the terrorist ideology, which seeks to destroy and disrupt all aspects of life in society.

For his part, the president of the university, Dr. Abbas Mohsen al-Bakri, praised the great role played by the students of the university in confronting the terrorist ideology, calling on students to do more effort in their studies in order to build a good future for the country.
The Dean of the Faculty of Business Informatics, Dr. Safa A. Mehdi also praised the role of the staff of the Student Activities Department in the college because they have a great role in teaching students in various fields. He stressed the need to continue such activities. Build a generation capable of planning and managing a good future for the country.

Business Informatics College organizes table tennis championship for students

17012017 0bic

Businesses Informatics College at the University of Information Technology and Communications organized table tennis championship for students.

17012017 1bicThis championship organized by Activities Students Branch at Businesses Informatics College. There were thirty-two participant students.
This champion chip was for two weeks. Rank one has gotten by ''Mahdi Jabar'', a student from Systems Management Department. Rank second has gotten by ''Omar Abdul Razak''. The third rank was gotten by two students ''Gaith Kamel'' and ''Fahed Farid''. Both are from Businesses Information Technology.
17012017 3bicIn table tennis for girls "Nabaa Faisal" at Business Information Technology Department gained the first rank, followed by her colleague, "Teaba Jassim" from the relevant section in the second rank.
The championship was supervised by the responsible of student activity branch, lecturer "Yasser Mohammed'' and the head of Following up Department, Mr. ''Muhammad Najm''.