Competition of designing the Logo of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

mohe logo test

The Ministry of Higher education and Scientific Research announced about the competition for designing a logo for the ministry and called the students, lecturers and employees in the universities to participate in this competition. The Ministry explained that the last day of introducing will be until the end of working hours on Thursday 30/3/2017.

The official spokesman for the Ministry of Higher Education Dr. Haider Al-Abodie said "The participating mechanisms and standards in the competition conditioned that the logo must contain the ministry name in two languages Arabic and English with considering the clarity if it is printed in small sizes, the design should be indicative to the values of higher education, educational and creative goals and must reflect the civilizational development of Iraq over its prosperous history"
The spokesman continued "these pre-mentioned instructions stated that the design must contain a verse from the Quran refers to the science and knowledge but the used colors must be less than four, the authentic Arabic calligraphy must be used in writing Quran verses and Ministry name, it is preferred to introduce the logo colored with considering to the ability of converting the design colors to black and white only and can implement it in anthropomorphism metal, indicating that the participant in the competition must introduce the design printed in A3 paper includes the logo with two sizes one large and one small measure (5) cm in the paper itself".
Al-Abodie also said "the design should not contain any indication refers to the designer and should be putted in a container attached with A4 paper includes information about the designer; his address, job title, e-mail address as well as his used phone No. referring to that the designs must be introduced to (relations and media department) located in the Ministry in a container (not collapsed), and the statement (Competition of designing the Logo of Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research) is written on the container. The results will be announced after two weeks from the end of ccompetition deadline".
The official spokesman said "the committee of specialists will evaluate the designs", it will specify three prizes for the first three winners, explaining that it is not permitted to use the three winning designs for any other party.