Ministry of higher education and scientific research follows what happened of attempts to politicize the situation of dismissing a number of students in Al-Qadisiyah University and warns from exploiting campus capabilities in non-planned goals.
In the time that the ministry emphasizes on respecting the freedom in expression, it is necessary to explain some details to whom wished in knowing the reality of the occurred events, whereas the dismissing of students was not related to the later events happened in the university, but it was after a complaint against them related to the publications that distort the reputation of university professor. We astonished from disseminating rumors about this dismissing to regard it under political influences and so there is an action towards adopting the decision that was taken basing on the instructions of students discipline.
And hence, the ministry emphasizes on its desire in receiving the notes and point of views with its insisting on making the universities away from everything can threat their goals. Finally, we recommend to prevent what distracts the students from their scientific interest.

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research