Ministry of Higher Education Announced Electronic Nomination for Universities Leaderships

In order to find area of positive competition in filling positions and emphasizing on the concept of clearness in achieving the justice, the ministry of higher education and scientific research announced the conditions and mechanisms of electronic nomination for selecting the leaderships of colleges deans and assistants of universities presidents, “referring to “, the higher education is ready for deciding about 137 vacant positions or occupied by university orders in colleges deanships and in assistants of universities presidents for scientific affairs, the ministry emphasizes on its commitment in scientific standards to differentiate between the whom interested in nominating who have administrative experts not less than seven years, as well as taking into account the number of researches published locally and internationally and the number of committees, conferences and projects that contributed in developing the educational institution, the number of international awards, patents, written or translated books, membership of scientific journals, the degree of candidate in research and teaching in foreign universities, scientific title (professor or assistant professor) and finally community serving.
As a complement to this context, these criteria remain the same in nominating to the position of rector assistant for administrative affairs, but the priority is to a specialist in administration and economics and then the in law, the candidate within these disciplines must have administrative experience not less than seven years and in case that the nominators are not available within these specifications, the nominator shall be from other specializations with a minimum of fifteen years of administrative experience, the ministry of higher education insists on preventing any candidacy is not through the electronic system allocated for this purpose (

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research