UOITC organized a seminar about the dangers of drug addiction and how to treat them


The University of Information Technology and Communications organized a seminar to define the risks of drugs and how to face this serious danger.

Mr. Kuther Awad Al Kuzaay, a lecturer, clarified that there are several reasons cause drug addiction in the society like the disintegration of the family, absence the monitoring of family to teenagers, and the ease of ways to get drugs.

A seminar at ITC about smart water management

Businesses Informatics Faculty at the University of Information Technology and Communications organized a seminar about smart water management.
The seminar presented by Sanaa Sabah Sabry, a lecturer at Businesses Informatics Technology, she clarified that there are many problems face the countries like with the increase in population there is a great need to use clear water.
Many factors may influence on the capability of who clear water reaches to the people. The main factors are economic growth, seasonal climate, increasing in population, and climate extremism. A brief about the water usage locally and globally presented in the seminar. As well, the lecturer viewed a study about the lack of water, the required quantity of water in Iraq, the usage of water, the problems of the draught marches land.

UOITC organized a seminar about creative thoughts and brainstorming techniques

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The University Information Technology and Communications organized a seminar about creative thoughts and brainstorming techniques.
Two lectures have been presented in the seminar; the first one presented by Mr. Thamer Hsaany head of Iraqi Creative Thoughts Center. He clarified that creativity percentage of children at six years old is about 90%. At eight years old, creativity percentage decreases to 10% because of the curriculum and the teaching system according to a study conducted at Harvard University.
The lecturer clarified that creativity is the ability of someone to express his ideas with a new perspective. Creativity has many qualities like flexibility, details, sensation, and fluency.

UOITC signed a contract with United Nations Organization for free accessing to scientific journals

The University of Information Technology and Communications signed a contract with an USA organization in order to get licenses of reaching scientific journals and electronic books for free.
This organization provides more than 45000 scientific journals of different publishing companies like Springers and Elservier. It provides the access to more than 23000 e-books in different fields which enable students and researchers reaching dependable resources of scientific researches.
This contract was a very important step that offers many opportunities to academic researchers in Iraq. It makes UOITC capable of keep going with the development that occurs in many countries in the world.

Dr. Safaa Oubais Al-Mamury, the dean of the Businesses Informatics Faculty, is the head of the committee that has been signed the contract. Dr. Alaa Ahmed, Mr. Muttaz Khalid, and Mr. Samir Ismail are the members of the committee.

UOITC raise up the slogan "Together rise up by electronic services for Baghdad City"

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The conference is held under the title of information technology is a way to facilitate services

The conference organized by University of Information Technology and Communications with the cooperation of Baghdad Mayoralty. The conference held at Ahmed Bin Fathlan-educational building.
Prof. Dr. Abass Albkri the president of the ppreparatory committee said that "In order to enhance the presented services to citizens, we should keep on using information technology which can enables us to leave complicated routines and random mechanism to implement human resources, this leads to save money, time, and efforts".