University of ICT supports universities that have been exposed to terrorism

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The University of Al-Anbar University has provided a copy of the electronic payroll system, which is working on the new salary scale, in addition to organizing a free training course for the system designers who will manage and install the electronic system at the faculties of Anbar University.

This support comes within the scientific and humanitarian program of the University of Information Technology and Communications towards the provinces and universities of Iraq, which was subjected to ISIS terrorist attacks , where the University of Anbar was provided by the entire system of electronic salary free of charge.

The system is characterized by calculating the final salary of the employee after calculating the tax and pension deduction, allowances and debts (by type), and the possibility of preparing three types of reports (a comprehensive report of salaries of employees, and a report of salaries of a specific employee, as well as monthly budget report).

It is worth mentioning that this system has already been marketed to a number of government departments, including "the financial department of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research, and the presidency of the Iraqi University and the Faculty of Arts and the College of Education Girls in the Iraqi University," and proved the system success because of the advantages of the most important possible to run on the network Or a personal calculator where it provides high flexibility in handling data.