UOITC Organizing a workshop about governmental communication with the media of the ministry

Media and common relation department in the university of information technology and communications organized a workshop with the governmental communication unit in the ministry of the higher education and scientific research.
It was about the governmental communication in the educational institutions.

The president of the university prof. Dr. Abass Albakry confirmed in the workshop the important role of media and communication in recording and reporting events and activities to the governmental communication unit in the ministry in advance.
The workshop concentrated on the governmental communication management in the institutes, and how to contact with the higher governmental institutions in the country. It can be done by using the governmental network coordinators in those institutions.
The representative of the governmental communication unit in the ministry confirmed on the important role of the educational institutions such as the Iraqi universities that aims to be productive site in the academic and research fields. He found solutions for some of the problems that face the Iraqi educational community.
The active governmental communication aims to serve and improve the work between the ministry of higher education and research with other ministries.
This communication can match and correspond to the views that contribute in making decisions and strengthening team unit within the government to serve the Iraqi society.