Applications and Systems department at IT center organized a lecture about the e-archive system

Yahya 24022016

The information technology center \ Applications and systems department at the university of information technology and communications organized a lecture about e-archive system which concerned the incoming and outgoing files or records.

UOITC is considered as one of the first universities which develops and uses applications with the recent technologies of OOP in Iraq.
These applications have become more efficient than before, so that now it is possible to make windows applications and use them as web applications with high security.
e-archive system facilitates sending and receiving data and records by servers. Also it distributes the manipulation of operations among users pc and makes servers handle only sending and receiving operations.
It is well known that this system has been designed in the Applications and systems department at UOITC. It is used at Karbalaa University, the general commission of taxes and many other offices in Iraq. It is very efficient in following up data and records electronically.