Training Course on Payroll System


University of Information Technology and Communications contracted with the Iraqi University to use payroll system which was designed according to the new scale of salaries of 2016 and so as the university has trained number of the beneficiary's staff.
University organized a training course on payroll system, designed by Scientific Information Technology Center at the university, which ensure trained a number of Finance Department employees in the Iraqi University to identify the most important success requirements of the work on this system or problems as possible to face the workers by the system, training is a condition of this contract.

The system is able to calculate the final salary of the employee after tax and retirement deduction, expenses and debts (by category), the system has the ability to pull the three types of reports, report total staff salaries, report of the salaries of certain employee as well as the monthly budget report.
The new payroll system was used by the Finance Department in the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics and the University of Information and Communication Technology is working very efficiently and can be run on a network or personal computer the system provides high flexibility in dealing with the data as the system was designed with SQL database.