E- Projects Department

It has been developed to follow up all computers and informatics related projects in MOHE since the center of scientific and technological information belongs to UOITC and responsible on implementation and developing all projects of computers and informatics. The department is divided into three sections:
1. E-learning section.
2. World wide web section.
3. E-library section.


1. E-learning Section

It is specialized to supervise design , implementation and development of e-learning system via using most latest technologies in the field of information technology as well as helping beneficiaries to set up and provide the system digital content, in addition to, design and implementation Smart Class Project which is the most developed technology in the field of e-learning.


2. World wide web (web programming and design)

The section has been developed to design sites on international information net. It performs the following tasks:

A. Design websites for MOHE directorates and other state organizations, administrating and updating these websites continuously as it is required to keep up with informatics developments.
B. Setting up of designs related web pages of MOHE and submitting these designs to the team responsible on MOHE web-site.
C. Submitting scientific consulting in the field of websites design and setting up websites designs to Iraqi universities.


3. E-library Section

The idea of forming and publishing the electronic library on the internet crystallized since 2003. It started on the basis of database configuration consisted all theses of Higher Diploma, Master, and PH.D. in the library of Informatics Institute for Postgraduate Studies which belongs previously to Iraqi Commission for Computers and Informatics as a first stage and then linked it with Iraqi universities e- libraries as a second stage. So far the first stage of building the database and publishing it on the internet has been finished.


The achievements of the electronic projects department for the year 2014-2015:

1. Development of e-form system.
2. Theses guide.
3. Follow-up the student and the teacher (lecturer) system.
4. The development of the websites (University website and ICCI website).
5. Work with e-archiving system.
6. Start working on the project of automation system for Scholarships and Cultural Relations Directorate.
7. Participation in exhibitions to showcase the work of the section.
8. Automation of ICCI magazine with the Iraqi academic journals within the Directorate of Research and Development.
9. Work on documenting all systems achieved by the department in cooperation with the Technical Services Department.
10. Give courses by E-Project Department staff in the Training Department.
11. Participation of the department employees in evaluation the systems achieved in the university.
12. Design of system of electronic submission to higher studies.
13. Participation within the team security and Protection Systems.
14. Annual incentive system.
15. Preparation of Workshop of Human Resource system.
16. Preparation of seminars at the university.
17. Design electronic service system.