Networks department

    National information network is the civilized facade to newly Iraq evolution as it provides the possibility of building secure database for scientific and technological information which can be referred to by universities, institutes, state organizations, experts in the field of computer and beneficiaries of private sector to take advantage from information provided by this network.

    It specializes in Installation networks with its various technologies (LAN, WAN...etc), in addition to, internet systems...i.e. Satellite Internet Access (VSAT) , Video Teleconference Systems (Vtc) and server computer which works by (Win Servers, Microtik) and be supervised by specialist employees

    The department employees give lectures in the field of networks science in Training Department and Cisco Networking Academy. Submitting scientific consulting for state organizations and private sector

It is divided to three sections    

1. Section of Network Software and Equipment

• Securing the connection and arranging service between intranet and internet.

• Maintain existing software on the national grid.

• Carrying out of the warrants given to the beneficiaries

• The use of intranet and Internet in remote teaching in universities and scientific institutions.

• Provision "online" service.

2. Security of Networks, Computers, and Communications Section

• Provision a means of network security through using   network security related programs.

• Follow up the daily work of the network and protection from viruses

• Denial of service for hackers, who are the direct cause of unauthorized breakthroughs to the network.

• Follow-up security clearances about working on the network


3. Section of World Wide Web and Intranet

• Linking of intranet and internet

• Design and implementation of linking the university intranet and the  state organizations

• Perpetuation and maintaining executing networks

• Keep up with developments and most modern technology via using modern equipment and applications.

• Give courses in the field of networking for all employees in state organizations and citizens in general.

  Achievements of Networks Department

• Supervision and maintenance of network of MOHE directorates in the Educational Complex (Directorate of Scholarships and Cultural Relations and Directorate of Studies, Planning and Follow up)

• Design, implementation and maintenance of intranet for the state organizations and private sector

• Participation in conferences, seminars and workshops inside and outside the university

• Design, implementation and maintenance of intranet of university and its internal residences.

• Supervision and follow up the work of internet server

• Design and implementation of  Network for  electronic fingerprint device

• Installation and update anti-Virus programs to the internet equipment at the university.

• Give courses for the Training Department in the field of networks and operating systems.

• Granting Cisco Academy Certificate first level (CCNA1) for employees at state organizations and private sector as well as supervising the laboratory of Cisco Networking Academy at the University.

• Participation in the project of electronic form and preparation of network and computers security requirements.

• Participation in different committees at the University and the Commission.