Equipment and Computers Department

The Department Tasks:

- Supply and provision of different kinds of computers, PCs and Laptops, with supplement equipment (printers, scanners, screens and power supply) whether belonging to the University, MOHE, universities and the state organizations.

- Periodic maintenance for all University departments including installation of required software.

- Participation in achieving service programs to the University and state organizations which need certain applicative systems.

- Participation in conferences and courses of computer centers at IRAQ universities.

- Protection of universities computers by installation and updating different anti-virus programs and publishing pamphlets introducing the subject of computer security.

- The department consists service software library providing the University employees with software and applications related laser disks and CDs and supporting library with new backups.

- Training summer training students.

- Participation with training department in giving computer and laptop maintenance course and courses in operating systems in general.

It consists three sections

1. Maintenance Section

Periodical maintenance for all computers of University, institute and laboratories, maintenance of printers, scanners, copiers, cameras, screens and power supply. Fixing repeated damages and finding solutions, submitting technical support and inventory for computers.

2. Equipment and Computer Section

- It manages software library, provision and archiving laser disks, follow up all the University necessities of computers spare parts and systems with backups. 

- Setting up systems with the University logo for the purpose of marketing as well as auto run discs for the purpose of archiving.

- Put the (serial number) for each computer and device with all data and enter it into the system of computer identity.


3. Computer Security Section 

It provides protection for all computers available in the University which are network-related and non-related through the provision of software protection and updated periodically.

Investment projects for equipment department that have been proposed:

- Computers Accumulation Project.

- Project of Printing a Booklet of Computer Maintenance.