Scientific Support Department

    It is specialized in fixing and following up software systems produced in the University and serves as a link between the beneficiary and teams who design the follows up delivery the system to the beneficiary and fixing up periodically to get knowledge whether it meets the beneficiary necessities. Designing a form to evaluate the software systems according to certain specifications and standards .marketing all software systems.
It consists two sections:-

1.    Quality Control Section

•    Fixing software products through applying special standards of software systems quality.
•    Using certain quality standards depending on International standards using ISO Systems so is consistent with recent developments in the field of systems and software products.
•    Evaluation of software systems produced in and outside the University within quality international standards by form of evaluation software systems designed by the department.
•    Put software systems standards on the bases of software engineering.
•    Put standards for the department and University related tasks according to the directions of higher authority and standards of   International Organization for Quality.

2.    Follow up and Marketing Section

•    Follow up the software systems used in and outside the University periodically by follow up forms.
•    Follow up the working of software systems and solving the problems of installation and implementation for the beneficiary whether inside or outside the University.
•    Marketing of software systems produced by the University centers for the state organizations and private sector.
•    Presenting and promotion the University activities (software systems, courses, brochures….etc.) in cooperation with the University departments.
•    Designing brochures, booklets and Demo discs for the purpose of promotion software systems.