UOITC hosts first Iraqi astronaut Captain Fareed Lafta

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Businesses Informatics College in University of Information Technology and Communications hosted Iraqi stout Captain Fareed Lafta.
Pilot Captain Fareed Lafta provided an overview as a first Iraqi astronaut entered the Guinness World Records for his participation in skydiving over Everest Peak. He was born in Baghdad in 1978 and has a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry.

UOITC organized a seminar (Internet of Things)

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University of information technology and communications organized a seminar named " Internet of Things". The seminar has attended by Prof. Dr. Abbas Al-Bakri the president of UOITC, a number of the teaching staff and students of UOITC University and lecturers from other Iraqi universities.

UOITC delegation visited camps of displaced people


A delegation from the University of Information Technology and Communications visited the camp Alexanzan in Dora for the displaced people to note their conditions and to give them some help.
The members of the delegation were the academic assistant Dr. Jane J. Stephan, a number of teaching staff and employers of the university. They gave in-kind assistance to the displaced families, which included a basket of food and clothing for children and adults.

UOITC organized a conversation with a lecturer at Florida University via Skype


The college of Business informatics at the University of Information Technology and Communications organized English Language Corner program. It is a one- hour per week conversation. The program aims to enhance students' abilities in English language. It includes direct conversations via Internet with a doctor (PhD) at Florida University.