UOITC organizes a seminar on religious knowledge and its impact on educational guidance


Training and Development Department in University of Information Technology and Communications organized a seminar on religious knowledge and its impact on educational guidance.

Researcher Kheder Awad Al-Khuzai explained during the seminar, the importance of the Islamic religion in the lives of Iraqis and its proportion representation in society, pointing out that 90% of the Iraqi people embraces Islamic religion and became part of the cultural and national identity of Iraq.
Al-Khuzai showed the stages of rule in Iraq and its impact on the educational aspects and the nature of the laws and legislation that ruled the country during those periods, indicating that the diversity of religious schools did not affect the general character of the religion where remained far from interactions that could lead in the maze of sectarian conflict and staying away from real educational mission.

Al-Khuzai assured that religions in general play a big role in the preparation of human personality, its maturity, and its development through the passage in the stages of the multi being experienced by the individual, noting that in Islamic and Arab civilizations Islam occupies a large area and a large part of the general culture in addition to being the main brick in Islamic and Arab society because of the religion impact in the countries that take Islam as an official religion hence the importance of showing (Educational Guidance)
Al-Khuzai associated between Iraq nowadays and suffering of civilizational and cultural crisis is reflected on an important part of the society which is the youth, who make up 42% to 62% of the Iraqi people, adding that the former regime, significantly contributed to ideological society and seeded the one-party culture i.e. Baath Party where set through this ideology a lot of the concepts that introduced Iraq to spiral of sectarian violence.
At the end of the seminar Al-Khuzai gave solutions to get out of these problems, including reduce and unlicensed of religious universities and colleges with sectarian tendencies, banning educational institutions whether schools or universities from religious activities and sectarian practices that lead to hatred and violence, assuring on the need to support independent institutions and organizations with national trends, and interesting in methods of education and keep it away from every single source of hatred and division among the Iraqi people and rewrite history in line with the privacy of the Iraqi nation and its people.