UOITC celebrate Arabic language day

 22122016 5

The university of Information Technology and Communications held a seminar about the history of Arabic language and its originality.

22122016 4The presidency of the university hosted Prof. Auday Husaine Al-rubaie, a Professor of Language and Linguistics in the Faculty of Education, Al-Mustansiriya University, who clarified in his lecture the historical depth of knowledge of Arabic language and grammar. As well as, he had made a quick review about the origin of the existence of human speech and how pronunciation differentiates human from other creatures.
The seminar presents that Arabic language passed by several periods and it was developed. The flexibility of pronunciation and synonyms made this language distinguish from other languages.
The seminar was attended by a number of lecturers and students of the university.
As well, Dr. Jane Jalil the scientific assistant of the president of the university sincerely thanked and appreciated the lecturer about his seminar and his acceptance for all the views of points. She said that UNESCO issued a decision to use Arabic in the regional conferences organized in Arabic-speaking countries and translated the basic documents and publications into Arabic, this is a proof that the Arabic language of the important languages in the world.
22122016 6Arabic language day is the December 18 each year, because it is the day when the general association of United Nations issued the decision No. 3190, which made the Arabic language one of the official languages at United Nations, under the proposal made by both Morocco and Saudi Arabia during session no 190 of the executive Council of UNESCO.