It was established pursuant to Law No. (6) of 1997 and the Iraqi commission for computers Law No.(11) of 2002. It has been considered one of the Commission formations that specialize in theoretical and applied studies in the field of electronic computers and informatics. It grants Higher Diploma, Master and Ph.D. in computer science, IT, networks, data security, software engineering, engineering applications, education and learning and applications and banking services.

    Institute Council is the main department which was founded pursuant to Article No. (19) of 2002 and has permissions of College Council in universities.



    It specializes in  theoretical and applied postgraduate studies. It providesscientific staff specialized intheoretical and applied IT studies. Creating cultural relations with different universities to take advantage from development in computers and informatics.


 1. Developing theoretical and applied studies in informatics.

 2. Granting higher graduate degrees in the field of computer and informatics at the level of Higher Diploma, Master and Ph.D. which their numbers are shown in table No. (1).

 3. Formation of research groups working in scientific and applied researches in the fields of electronic computers and informatics.

 4. Create cultural relations with Iraqi and international universities via conferences, correspondence and twinning with universities to share experiences and techniques related to modern teaching methods as well as to take advantage from new developed curricula in the fields of computers and IT.  

 Future Aspirations of Informatics Institute

MOHESR aspires to provide scientific specialist staff to work with universities, colleges and the state establishments. Concerning IT, the institute is responsible on graduating competent staff to spread this technology in universities and the state establishments.

Announcement\ Attend The Meeting

All higher diploma students (research stage) and master students (research stage) should attend the meeting, which will be held Sunday 9/10/2016 at ten o'clock in the morning.

Coordination and scientific research unit,

Announcement\ For Diploma Students

Higher diploma students\first attempt of the academic year 2015-2016 should deliver their project notate than Sunday 9/10/2016 otherwise; procedure of dismissing will be taken.

Coordination and scientific research unit