College of Business Informatics and Quality Assurance department in the University convene a joint seminar about revision and enhancement plan for the academic program

13102016jamal othman

College of Business Informatics cooperating with Quality Assurance department in UOITC convened a seminar about plan of revision and enhancement to the results of academic program to fit with instructions of ABET global organization for quality and with attending of college dean, administrative assistant and number of lecturers.

13102016 1The presidents of quality assurance and university performance department and section in the college professor Jamal A. Othman and the Dr. Alaa A. Aboud respectively introduced the seminar addressed the "plan of revision and enhancement" for the academic programs according to the standards of ABET aiming to get the accreditation.
The seminar presented role and importance of revision and enhancement in the quality of academic programs of scientific departments, the most important dependant ways of revision and enhancement at the sober universities in the world, because the procedures of revision and enhancement ensure and introduce a guide to the beneficiaries from the program and to the points of awarding the accreditation such as ABET global organization to achieve program goals, results and presenting the requirements standard for correcting it in terms of time limit and essential points contributed in the evaluation.
13102016 2The seminar included composing a committee in each department called committee of revision and enhancement to be responsible for putting a detailed plan for revision and enhancement in each department, the plan includes times of execution the activities of revision and enhancement with defining activity type and who responsible about the execution, the committee specifies measurements standards the sober universities use.
The seminar discussed presenting a suggested prototype of one essential forms needed for evaluation. The presidents of departments in College of Business Informatics and a number of lecturers attended the seminar aiming to proceed in getting the accreditation from the global organization ABET.