Quality Assurance Department of the university organized a seminar about the mechanism of E-evaluation of employees

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Quality assurance department at the university of information technology and communications organized a seminar to discuss evaluating mechanisms of the university staff. The evaluation is according to workers evaluation system of the ministry of higher education and scientific research. The seminar attended by several heads departments and the responsible of quality assurance in the university.

16112016 1The seminar presented by the head of quality assurance department lecturer Jamal Ahmed Authman and the responsible of the evaluating system the lecturer Ban Qassim Jawad in the university. They view a presentation about e-application form, the evaluation steps, and they explain the difficulties that may face the evaluator.
 The application contains several options and manipulates all cases of all employees and lecturers and whether a lecturer works at a research center or services center. It takes in considerations number of years of work, thanks and punishment books and others. After evaluation, the results will be shown and the employees or the lecturer can object in a fixed duration.
 At the end, ID and passwords have been distributed to users of the system, only to administrative managers and heads departments to make e-evaluation of their employees.