Al-Esa condolences in the death of the leader Jalal Talabani

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Al-Esa condolences in the death of the leader Jalal Talabani

We condolence the Iraqi people in the death of Jalal Talabani who craved a legend with political and national achievements recorded situations that the recent Iraqi history boasts them.

We express about our consolation to his family, loved ones and mates in this sad occasion and we ask the god to have mercy and satisfaction on him and to inspire us all patience and good solace.

We belong to Allah and to Him we shall return.

Dr. Abdulrazzaq Al-Esa

Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Minister of Education Calls for a National Pause in Universities and Institutes to Reflect the Unity of Iraq

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Minister of Education Calls for a National Pause in Universities and Institutes to Reflect the Unity of Iraq

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Esa, called for a national pause in universities and institutes to express the unity of Iraq and its people. Al-Esa said in his speech on the occasion of starting the new academic year in which the academics must contribute to recycling the repercussions of wars and crises. The national voices, in the name of Iraq, have expressed pride, love and adherence to the civilization of this country, which will remain united. And as follow the text of the speech of the Minister of Higher Education on the occasion of the new academic year: In the name of God, the most mercy and merciful, every year and our Iraq is unified secure in this new academic year that the students will open its doors as they will take the responsibility for this country in the coming days. It is a new year in everything this time as it carries the imprint of our heroes when they recaptured everything raped by the oppressors. It is a new year as our raped universities liberated with the vigor and determination of the brave and the blood of our righteous martyrs. Welcome to the new academic year, you the lecturers and the students are partners in making the success, the success of teaching excellence of student and the success of students is a new light for Iraq's future. O beloved ones: All of you have lived and suffered from what the country has gone through. You have all borne the burden and the responsibility. Therefore, we are now in the most difficult stage and the greatest responsibility. Keeping the achievements is more difficult than trying to achieve them. We can only preserve the national gains that have been achieved. Our responsibility is double in the next phase. It is our responsibility to move away from the university climate from the dust of politics and its implications and our responsibilities are also education for citizenship and social peace we want the university to return to the leadership of society. But to build and then lead the mission of the university professors, staff and students are not easy; therefore, it stands in the priorities of the country because the academics contribute in the recycling of the consequences of wars and crises and falls upon themselves to control the pace of events and rationalizing attitudes. Hence, we call on the staff of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research from universities and institutes to organize a standstill in which the Iraqi media is an expression of the unity of Iraq land and people from north to south. In this context, we appreciate all the national voices that, on behalf of Iraq, have expressed pride, love and devotion to the civilization of this country, which will remain united, God willing. All the best for our universities once again as they open their doors to a bright future made by all Iraqis. Peace, mercy and blessings of God. Thanks for efforts god bless success

Al-Issa congratulates Iraqi people on the occasion of the announcement of victory and the liberation of the educational edifice Mosul university

We congratulate the Prime Minister on the occasion of the glorious victory against ISIS. We are grateful to our armed forces and the popular mobilization force who have liberated humans, lands and the most sacred educational edifice Mousel University. Congratulations for this victory and for what you have achieved.

Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al - Issa
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

25000 candidates passed the Competitive examination for postgraduate studies

Twenty five thousand candidates applied for the competition of postgraduate studies in the Iraqi universities for the academic year 2017-2018. On 22 June, 2017 the candidates passed the competitive examination for admission to the diploma, the master's and doctorate.
The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research announced that there are one thousand three hundred and eighty eight specializations for the postgraduates. It confirms that the universities will finish the correction on 24 June, while the declaration of initial acceptance on 3 July, followed by three days of objections. Final acceptance will be announced on 13 July.

Department of Media and Relationships
Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Higher Education: On Science Day Awards

Higher Education announced on the specialties and conditions to nominate to the science day awards and the submission will be not after 18-6-2017, Director of Relations and Media and Spokesman, Dr. Haider M. J Al-Aboudi said.

Ministry of Higher Education Delivered the salaries of Nineveh University Employees

The Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research, Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Esa, directed to pay the salaries of the employees of liberated universities (Mosul, Hamdaniyah, Talafar, Nineveh and Northern Technical College) who were sure of their safety status.

In this context, about 6,000 and a half of staff members their names announced by the National Security Adviser to pay their salaries for one month from the date of their starting until completing the procedures related to this file.
The Ministry of Higher Education emphasized on its commitment to follow up the details of this subject with the concerned authorities to resolve the necessary auditing as well as coordinating with the departments of the liberated universities.

Ministry of Higher Education Announced Electronic Nomination for Universities Leaderships

In order to find area of positive competition in filling positions and emphasizing on the concept of clearness in achieving the justice, the ministry of higher education and scientific research announced the conditions and mechanisms of electronic nomination for selecting the leaderships of colleges deans and assistants of universities presidents, “referring to “, the higher education is ready for deciding about 137 vacant positions or occupied by university orders in colleges deanships and in assistants of universities presidents for scientific affairs, the ministry emphasizes on its commitment in scientific standards to differentiate between the whom interested in nominating who have administrative experts not less than seven years, as well as taking into account the number of researches published locally and internationally and the number of committees, conferences and projects that contributed in developing the educational institution, the number of international awards, patents, written or translated books, membership of scientific journals, the degree of candidate in research and teaching in foreign universities, scientific title (professor or assistant professor) and finally community serving.
As a complement to this context, these criteria remain the same in nominating to the position of rector assistant for administrative affairs, but the priority is to a specialist in administration and economics and then the in law, the candidate within these disciplines must have administrative experience not less than seven years and in case that the nominators are not available within these specifications, the nominator shall be from other specializations with a minimum of fifteen years of administrative experience, the ministry of higher education insists on preventing any candidacy is not through the electronic system allocated for this purpose (

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research