Ministry of higher education and scientific research follows what happened of attempts to politicize the situation of dismissing a number of students in Al-Qadisiyah University and warns from exploiting campus capabilities in non-planned goals.
In the time that the ministry emphasizes on respecting the freedom in expression, it is necessary to explain some details to whom wished in knowing the reality of the occurred events, whereas the dismissing of students was not related to the later events happened in the university, but it was after a complaint against them related to the publications that distort the reputation of university professor. We astonished from disseminating rumors about this dismissing to regard it under political influences and so there is an action towards adopting the decision that was taken basing on the instructions of students discipline.
And hence, the ministry emphasizes on its desire in receiving the notes and point of views with its insisting on making the universities away from everything can threat their goals. Finally, we recommend to prevent what distracts the students from their scientific interest.

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Al-Esa: We insist on doing a review in the universities leaders that did not keep the independence of the universities

At a time in which our Iraq country is approaching from finishing the war period and treating its repercussion caused by the ISIS terrorists, we aware that the victory and success are one meaning and result in the battle being waged by our security forces, popular mobilization forces and our universities against the darkness. And hence, we renew our commitment in the scientific task in our institutes and achieving the planned goals that require the education with high quality and efficient management away from all the aims supported by agendas of non-academic goals.

We emphasize again that the universities will not be a part of political plans and we will not allow to use them upon public benefit.
We announced that we insist on doing a review in the universities leaders that did not keep the independence of the universities and made them near from early election campaign that threats the identity of academic Iraqi institute.

Dr. Abdul Razzaq Al-Esa
Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research

Higher education directs to employ postgraduates

Higher Education directed private universities and colleges to employ postgraduates in order to fill the administrative positions and to assign them as heads of sections and above” Director of Relations and Media, Spokesman of Higher Education, Dr. Haider Al-Aboudi said.

Dr. Al-Aboudi added that the Ministry is keen on utilizing the energies of postgraduates in the administrative positions.

Dr. Al-Aboudi continued saying that the administrative positions included the following fields (Registration, Finance Affairs, Administrative Affairs, Legal Affairs, Supervision, Auditing, Library, Student Activities, Internet, Engineering, Accountancy and University Performance).

MOHESR Decides the Admission of Student Ranked First on Class in Postgraduate Studies


The minister of higher education and scientific research Abdulrasaq Alisa announced the admission of student ranked first on his/her class in the postgraduate studies in all the departments without competition.

Alisa elucidated that the decision includes class of 2015/2016 excluding The Iraqi Board for Medical Specializations. In a related context, the minster declared the foundation of the postgraduate studies College in The University of Babylon. It will be responsible for planning the admission of students and the supervision on the details of the study and its related scientific issues and necessary procedures.

Announcement about Scholarships Program

Scholarships and cultural relations office at the Ministry of scientific Research and Scientific Research launched an electronic application of scholarships program. Which contains 100 Ph.D. scholarships in rare domains.