The minister of higher education calls for a stop against Abuse of Iraq and sanctities

20112016 mohe

 At a time when Iraqis are supporting each other from the far south to the last inch rapist in our beloved country, and in the holiest and purest days where Iraqis live the victory and martyrdom, together at the Great teacher of Liberals Hussein, the memory of memory of fortieth, a person tried to harm the country's holies because of the victories of our army, our mobilized popular and the tribes that make of terrorism supporters prattle unconsciously.
 The ministry of higher education and scientific research condemn and deplore the abuse of the Iraqi people demand to sue the Middle newspaper, his excellency call all universities and colleges, particularly sections of media to stand up expressing their rejection to anyone try to abuse to Iraq and its holy places and its citizens.

excellency direct our universities to make media events that reflect the rejection of academic institutions to any action that affects Iraq's land, people,honor and sanctities

 Dr. Abdul-Razzaq al-Issa

 Minister of Higher Education and Scientific Research