A Thesis of Higher Diploma in the Informatics discusses designing and implementing dynamic web application for the E-Library.


Thesis of the student Halla H. Mansour in higher diploma about designing and implementing a dynamic web application for the E-Library was discussed in the institute of informatics for post graduate study in UOITC.

251020161The thesis aims to complete the dynamic process for the library whereas the application enables visitors from discussing, helping, exchanging information and getting books non-existent in the library.

The results of this project introduced a conclusion that using of asynchronous e-learning increases the ability of system information and reduces the cost, time and distances.

Noting that, the e-library is the library in which books are stored, can be accessed via computer and can save electronic contents locally or accessing them through computer networks. In other sense, it is a form of information storage and retrieval system that benefit researchers and intellectuals in general.