Discussing a Study of Design and Execute online Academic Upgrade System for IIPS

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A discussion of higher diploma student (Rana F. Atea) specialized in web sites technique took place for her respected research "Design and Execute online Academic Upgrade System for IIPS" in the Informatics Institute for postgraduate study in UOITC.

rana fadhl 1The study aimed to find solutions to the issues of scientific upgrading delay that can be considered as problems are facing scientific competencies of teaching staff, this delay is because several reasons such as; upgrading request is not completed, there is not unified policy can be followed in executing the requirements between one university and another or the list of arbitrators is not finished and for other things.
Upgrade process passes through several steps like acceptance of the upgrade committee in the scientific department, college upgrade committee and then the upgrade committee in the Institute after checking the upgrade request and ensuring the completion of all conditions, requirements, standards and upgrade rules.
The research introduced the ability of sending all requirements for getting the scientific upgrade to the upgrade department via the Internet at anytime from anywhere for saving the time and effort and perusing on the instructions and relevant steps to speed up the upgrade of the teaching staff. Simplifying this upgrade as a respect to their efforts in serving the scientific process.
The student used in her design for this system the PHP as a programming language for building this website, and also the database was built using MySQL to get a secure website against hacking and to protect the data of teaching staff. Finally, the student got (Excellent) in her research.