Discussing Diploma Thesis about the Interactive between the Students and Lecturers by Using Educational Electronic System

huda dhare 0

A discussion of higher diploma student (Huda D. Satea) for her research about educational interactive system took place in the hall of discussions in the Informatics Institute for postgraduate study in UOITC.

huda dhare 1The study aimed to find an educational system via the Internet and designed to support the E-Learning. Through this educational system an opportunity is available for the lecturers and students to interact with it, whereas it gives the permittivity for the lecturer to add important and benefit subjects such as lectures, notices and exams were supported by the multimedia as well as allowing the students to review and interact with all of them through the Internet.
This system is characterized in helping the lecturer in providing good and fast teaching and at the same time can also help the students and lecturers in performing shared researches. This system is presented by using web browser program.
In addition to that, this system was designed by using PHP, HTML as programing languages, WAMP SERVER as a local server and MySQL as a database. This database consists of several tables contain the system required information.