A workshop on the development of test banks in Iraqi universities

  • 2018-10-04

A workshop on the development of test banks in Iraqi universities


The Department of Scientific Affairs at the University of Information Technology and Communications organized a workshop on the development of test banks in Iraqi universities.

The workshop presented by the lecturer Kiayan R. Qassim to define the question bank, which is a safe place where questions of different levels are placed for estimating of a certain ability and facilitates in order to withdraw or add a group or a number of different questions that have known characteristics such as coefficient of ease and difficulty in computer memory.

The aim of the workshop is to develop assessment tools to develop the educational system, improve the quality of the questions, ensure the use of new questions, train the staff of the questioners, provide the teachers with questions that carry new ideas and help the student in self-learning and other goals.

The workshop also addressed the negative aspects of this project, including repeating the questions more than once leads to knowing the questions and answers and the accumulation of questions, and sustaining additional work in putting new questions and managing of questions according to a special program, in addition to reviewing the contents of the bank from (2-3) years because some questions become unsuitable for use, and some of them lose their quality.

The information bank operates on two types of questions, open questions and closed questions, as well as the existence of important factors and procedures required by this project for its success and continuity in Iraqi universities, like some countries.

The workshop was attended by a number of university lecturers whereas the advantages and disadvantages of this proposal were discussed and that would lead to a better outcome in the test bank project.