Participation in the International Conference

  • 2018-12-25



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Ass. Lecturer Tamara Zuhair Fadel from the Faculty of Engineering, University of Information and Communication Technology, participated in the International Conference on Advanced Science and Engineering (ICOASE2018).

Ass. Lecturer participated in a research focused on Autism among children, which was accepted in the conference among 97 out of 270 global scientific papers from 11 countries around the world, entitled "Live Monitoring System for Recognizing Varied Emotions of Autistic Children”.

The system is based on the use of IoT to record, detect and characterize the behavioral patterns of autistic children who help doctors recognize the autistic child and accurately diagnose the condition.

The research was accepted for publication in the IEEE Library. The researcher was honored with a certificate of participation in the conference and the research abstract was recorded and published in the research volume of the conference. The conference was organized jointly by the Universities of Zakho and Dohuk and under the technical auspices of IEEE, represented by IEEE Iraq. The conference aims to bring together leading academics, researchers and students to discuss theoretical and practical issues by sharing their experiences and research results.

The conference also presented new results for advanced topics in the fields of science and engineering and its applications.