Council of Improving the Quality of Engineering Education in Iraq

  • 2018-12-25


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The attendance of the Head of the Department of Information Technology Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, Dr. Ahmed Abdel-Sahib, the periodic meeting of the Council for Improving the Quality of Engineering Education in Iraq as a member. The periodic council held a meeting attended by the head of the supervisory and scientific evaluation system to improve the quality of engineering education and discussed how Iraqi universities and colleges receive international accreditation.

It is worth mentioning that this Council is a reference authority specialized in the development of standards for the development of education in the engineering colleges in Iraq and follow up the achievement of the engineering programs of the standards of ABET for the purpose of applying for dependencies.

They also discussed the ways to pay attention to the graduates and employ them and follow up the graduates after graduation. In addition, there are many measures that are conducted on the quarterly and final tests, success rates, approved measurement methods, etc., all of which are centered on the graduate student.