The College of BioMedical Informatics Held a Symposium about The Effects of Anti Bacterial on the Intestine Resistant Bacteria.

  • 2020-06-12
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The symposium is presented by the Lecture Zainab Salim from the College of BioMedical Informatics and aims to identify the urinary tract infection disease which caused by the Escherchia coli. The symposium discussed the Ciprofloxacin ,the most antibacterial used to treat this disease and its side effects, especially the effects of this medication overuse as result of recurrent infections. The lecture also discussed the effects of toxic chemicals used in the drug composition. She also discussed proposing the use a combination of hydro alchoholic extracts and their effects in different concentrations with green tea and lemon juice and their cooperation effect to kill this bacteria. This mixture gives positive results explained by the researcher using some statistical analysis and data sheets. The mixture also reduces the side effects of antibiotics, because of it's anti toxics as the scientific reports approved.