Al-Bakri is discussing with smart cities at the university the development of a working mechanism and is conducting an engineering tour

  • 2020-12-16

The President of the University, Prof. Dr. Abbas Mohsen Al-Bakri, made a field tour at the College of Engineering and met with the advanced staff there.
Al-Bakri reviewed the scientific and logistical preparations for the current academic year 2020/2021 and the nature of providing special requirements in accordance with the instructions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research and the Crisis Cell with regard to blended education in light of the Corona pandemic.
The university president urged the necessity to provide the appropriate atmosphere, to achieve separation, and to create the necessary requirements of halls and laboratories for students.
The openness mechanism was also discussed with the government and private sectors to clarify the mechanism for benefiting from university graduates in general and the College of Engineering in particular in both the media technology engineering and mobile communications engineering majors and the graduate investment mechanism to meet the requirements of sustainable development.
Dr. Al-Bakri also discussed with the staff of the Smart Cities Division and the electronic form for the central admission team developing the internet and data center in the national project for central admission.