Message from University's president

  • 2016-08-05

Dr Abbas Al Bakry

University of Information Technology and Communications (UoITC) founded in 2014 to becomes the first specialized University in Iraq and region. The University foundation is to keeping up the fast transformation in ICT.

The university aims to become a leading institution in the field of ICT to graduate high qualified and competitive human resources for Iraqi market. They have the ability to deal with rapid changes in the field of specialization and different working environments; they have the ability to invent and develop their skills continuously, and participate in research projects focusing on the problems of the ICT market. Other UOITC goals are to support the student lifelong as a part of learning process to empower their quality to be in the international standards linguistically, technically and behaviorally. The university endeavors to keep holding seminars and scientific conferences as well as developing software industry through the IT and career development centers.
Additionally, the university share in whole society development through training center and ICT Academy. The UOITC uses this website to strengthen the relations between the university and its staff, students, and employees at one hand and the whole globe on the other hand.