Business Information Technology

The need for the BIT department has emerged as the need for government and private sector institutions to understand and manage information and keep updated of the evolution of information technology. This major is considered as one of the most important modern disciplines, which is increasingly essential by students, educational and institutions employment because there is almost no institution, whatever it’s field, that doesn’t have a need for this specialty.
Students in the BIT Department receive a wide range of courses that focus on preparing highly qualified graduates in information technology, computer science, database management, electronic and information management, communications, software and financial applications.

To be a pioneer in the field and takes his place among the modern disciplines that meet the needs of the market.

A graduate of the BIT Department has the skills that enable him to develop and manage administrative tasks in Information Technology and employ them in the management work.

1 – Offer innovative curricula and advanced infrastructure to our students to enhance their skills and abilities to solve problems that face them in the field of IT applications.
2- Provide the market with the necessary administrative and strategic leaders which are able to improve the management and security of the IT for serving the society.
3 – Graduate leaders that are able to learn and keep up with the development in the field and to be competitive worldwide.
4. To qualify students for self-learning and teamwork.
5 – Prepare graduates able to face the general challenges in life by understanding ethical and social issues.

Department of Businesses Information Technology ( BIT )

First Stage


First Stage – First Semester
Human Rights
University Elective
Computational Paradigms
Programming Fundamentals (I)
Principles of Accounting
Principles of management
Discrete Mathematics


First Stage – Second Semester
Freedom and Democracy
English (I)
University Elective
Human Resources
Probability and Statistic
Programming Fundamentals (II)
Intermediate Accounting
Department Elective


Second Stage

Second Stage – First Semester
English (II)
Data Structures
College Elective
Object Oriented Programming (I)
Web Pages Design
Cost Accounting
Department Elective
Second Stage – Second Semester
Social and Ethical Issues
Algorithms and  Complexity
Marketing Management
Object Oriented Programming (II)
Web Applications Development
Database Fundamentals
Computer Networks
Department Elective

Third Stage

Third Stage – First Semester
English (III)
Software Engineering (I)
College Elective
Database Management Systems
Operation and Production Management
Department Elective
Third Stage – Second Semester
Software Engineering (II)
Mobile Applications Development
Information Security
Artificial Intelligence
Project Management
Department Elective

Fourth Stage

Fourth Stage – First Semester
English (iv)
College Elective
Project (I)
Total Quality Management
Human Computer Interaction
Business Intelligence
Fourth Stage – Second Semester
College Elective
Project (II)
Multimedia Systems and Applications
Cloud Computing
Department Elective