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The great development in the field of information technology and communications has assessed the emergence of many new specializations of an interlaced nature. In view of this development, the University of Information Technology and Communications created and opened the College of Biomedical Informatics on 10-10-2019. The College specialization is one of the modern specialties resulting from the overlap of information technology with biomedicine, and it is considered as a leading sp ...


We have staff members who are responsible for keeping the University a well-organised and efficient institution.
Responsible for all non-academic activities including marketing, alumni relations, estates and facilities, finance, HR, governance and IT.
Our lecturers and research staff are responsible for developing our teaching and research programmes.

Career Development Center

We have established a follow-up site for our graduates to believe that every student graduated from the University of Information Tectonology deserves to be given the opportunity to be at the level of the requirements of the labor market by following the news of the site of courses or seminars or workshops provided by the university or any external entity in cooperation with the University. We can also pursue the job opportunities that we announce to the university to qualify and employ our dear students