• 2020-07-15

  1. Graduating students with distinguished scientific and leadership skills that qualify them to compete in the labor market in various fields of biomedical informatics and enhance their moral values.
  2. Providing graduates with the skills that are needed to manage, analyze and mining in biomedical information, and to build smart medical systems for various purposes.
  3. Providing an innovative educational and research environment that encourages the student to learn and interact by providing scientific laboratories and classrooms with the latest advanced technologies.
  4. Developing academic curricula in order to keep abreast with local and international scientific and technical progress in a way that contributes to the graduation of scientific cadres able to contribute in community service.
  5. Promoting and developing the skills of the academic and research teaching staff by providing a modern teaching environment and supporting them to participate in sober local and international courses, seminars and conferences.
  6. Providing scientific and research advice to the beneficiaries of governmental and private institutions, enhancing cooperation and exchanging experiences with them.
  7. Effective contribution in bridging the gap between educational outcomes, institutional requirements and the labor market.