Business Information organizes Training Course in Scientific Research and publishing in World-Class Journals

  • 2021-06-19

The faculty of Business Informatics organized a training course in scientific research and publishing in global journals "Publishing in a High Impact ISI/WOS & Scopus Journals" 

The course aimed at sharing knowledge of the elements and methods of scientific research and developing the skills of participants in methods of collecting and analysing information, in addition to developing the skills of participants in the preparation and writing of scientific research and the skills of researchers in how to select appropriate journals for their research. It also discussed how to select appropriate journals for their research and the process of sending research to journals.

The course was presented by both teachers (lec. Dr. Ahmed Shihab and (lec. Dr. Rula Amjad). It focused on the subject of research and preparation of the research plan, elements and stages of scientific research, as well as sources of information, how to deal with them, and find the sources adopted and how to write systematic literature review 

Also, it highlighted the approved search engines and how to select sober journals and send research.

It is worth mentioning that the course was set up in attendance and electronically via zoom platform.