Continuous Education Centre Finished the 12TH Training Course of the Project "Tward the Digital Transformations in Organisations"

  • 2021-06-28

CEC in UOITC Finished the Training courses of the project of Training courses toward the Digital Transformations in organisations which is held in cooperation with Council of Ministers/The Committee of Coordination of Governmental Activities Toward E-Government/The Team of Intternational Training and Development. The twelveth Training course includes two weeks of Oracle  Databases dedicated for the governmental employees. The trainees were IT specialists from different ministries. The Training course held virtually but the assessment was face to face for employees from Baghdad and virtually for others according to social distance of COVID-19. The lectures presented by assist. Lecture Fitian Shafeeq Ajeel from UOITC/College of Business Informatics. Its worthy note that the Team of International Training and Development headed by Professor Abbas Al Bakry working on putting a complementry and continuous plan for digital change to serve the whole society through a continuous meetings  with UNDP.