Business Information Technology Department.

In today's competitive business world, information technology (IT) plays a major role in exploiting commercial potency. In many business sectors, the special combination of IT and business skills is the key to be a market leader. The business information technology course focuses on using IT to solve business problems. 

Mission Statement

Business Information technology will align its efforts with the principles, goals, and strategies of the UOITC Strategic Plan for Business Information Technology. The BITD mission is to provide students with a broad range of high-value graduate business programs aimed at developing skills vital to their success in today’s world. To achieve excellence through the design, development, and application of information technology in support of learning, management , research, service, and the conduct of university business consistent with UOITC mission. Business Information technology will strive to attract and retain a technology savvy staff through hiring incentives and professional recognition. As a computing support organization, BIT will be known for its technical skills to create and deliver high-quality services.