Bioinformatics Department.


The bioinformatics program seeks to be a pioneer program at the local and global level that meets the needs of the labor market and government institutions, support and develop the specialization in this field.


The bioinformatics program is a new distinctive program that links the field of information technology with various health and biological areas in order to prepare a distinguished graduate having the necessary skills to keep pace with continuous development in information technology and adapt it in all biological uses and to be eligible for competition in government institutions and the local and global labor market.


1. Deepening the graduate understanding and knowledge of the bioinformatics 


2. Preparing a graduate with the ability to design, implement and promote new  

    technology to improve this field and serve interested parties in this field.

3. Acquiring the graduate with the scientific, theoretical and technical skills to deal  

    with organizations, institutions and companies interested in the program and 

    researches in this field.

4. Preparing highly qualified graduates in collecting, discovering, exploring, and 

    analyzing biological data to serve the scientific research and society and helps  

    various interested parties in this field.

5. Preparing graduates with high competitiveness in government institutions and the  

    local and global labor market in these modern disciplines so that they have the 

    ability to analyze and design bioinformatics applications.

6. Preparing graduates who are aware of the importance of self-learning to advance in 

    their professional, scientific and ethical lives.

Jobs Opportunities

1. Researcher in Genetics

2. Researcher in DNA science

3. Biological data analyst

4- Biological data mining and discovery 

5. Programmer and developer of bioinformatics software

6. Biological database designer and programmer