Department of Smart Medical Systems.

Founded in Bioinformatics College since 14. 1. 2020.


The Intelligent Medical Systems Department is aspired to be a distinguished section of the local and international level in the field of supporting and developing health systems and developing scientific research and meeting the needs of government institutions and the labor market with the aim of improving the quality of the health care. 


The Department of Intelligent Medical Systems is a new specialty in Iraqi universities that links the specialty of information technology and medical information systems in order to prepare a distinguished graduate possess the skills needed to keep pace with advances in information technology and mastering them to medical and biological uses and who are qualified for competing in the labor market at the local and international levels.


The Department of Intelligent Medical Systems seeks to prepare a distinguished graduate with the ability to:  

  1. Using and developing intelligent medical technologies and systems, and the ability to keep pace with the rapid developments in modern digital medical technologies, and competition in the labor market. 
  2. Preparing medical programs related to health systems.
  3. Collecting, discovering and analyzing medical data and knowing how to use it to serve scientific research and assist various agencies in achieving integrated health care.
  4. Strengthening cooperation with interested sectors inside and outside Iraq.

  1. Upgrading the student’s personality by cultivating moral and human values and the national spirit and teaching them the skills of the art of leadership and searching for methods of solving problems and commitment to quality and professional behavior.

Employment opportunities for graduates of the program:

-       Hospitals.

-       Medical Technology Companies.

-       Medical software companies.

-       Health insurance companies, and government organizations.