Students of the Faculty of Engineering are conducting a visit to the channel.

Students of the Faculty of Engineering are conducting a visit to the Dijla satellite channel




Students of the Department of Media Technology Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering at the University of Information Technology and Communications held a scientific visit to the Dijla satellite channel.
the students of the first stage conducted a field tour in the channel to learn more about the reality of the media work to equip the students with the necessary skills and were involved in the work of the channel. Field on the nuts sound and light and prepare to appear on the atmosphere.
It is worth mentioning that this cooperation came through strenuous efforts by the Presidency of the University and the Deanship of the College and the department head and supervisors from the Department who have coordinated with the channel Dijla satellite and the Iraqi Media Network to host the students of information technology engineering in their satellite channels several times and a practical curriculum was given to them.
 The Head of  Media  Technology Engineering Department Ahmed Abdul-Saheb praised and appreciated all those who contributed to the success of this scientific experiment and the field visit, in particular the  Dijla satellite channel  and the teachers coordinators and students of the College, who were an example in adhering to the instructions and recommendations of the department and their representation university and college and the department is best represented.
 For his part, praised the engineering director of  Dijla channel  the  knowledge in the field of competence that students have despite being in the first stage and stated that another training visit with their knowledge of academic because of the good choice of their curricula may qualify them to rely on them in the field of sound engineering.
It is worth mentioning that the curricula of the Department of Information Technology Engineering were updated in 2018 and selected with great care after several meetings with experts from the labor market and several satellite channels and a review of what is practiced internationally in this specialty where students acquire the first stage experience in the field of sound engineering and in the second phase Followed by extensive experience in the field of radio and television broadcasting, communications, networks and satellite communications, with software and management experience for various social networks, page design and security.