Media Technology and Communications Engineering.

For the Department of Media Technology Engineering to be a pioneer in the field of knowledge transfer, application, scientific research, and technological solutions to create a better world.

- The Department seeks to graduate the best engineering workforce with high skills that have the ability to keep up with the scientific development in the field of communications and information technology.
- To contribute effectively in bridging the gap between the outputs of education and the demands of the labor market.
- Improve the character of the student through the cultivation of moral values, humanity and patriotic spirit.
- Keeping abreast of technological development in various scientific and industrial fields such as satellites, telecommunications networks, information technology, etc.

- The transfer of knowledge to students in rigorous academic methods that enables them to find appropriate solutions to problems through analysis, data collection, and identification of requirements.
- Provide the communications and media sector with qualified engineers capable of competing in the local and international labor market.
- Meeting the needs of the market for a number of engineers specialized in the field of information technology engineering able to compete in the labor market.
- Empower students with a variety of engineering skills in the field of media technology through innovative programs that integrate theoretical and practical experience.
- Build ethically responsible individuals who are highly competent in their areas of specialization and work effectively within a team.
- Create engineers capable of designing, analyzing and contributing to fundamental and applied research in the fields of engineering that relate to information technology in a way that enables them to develop and find scientific solutions to the problems facing the different sectors of the country and its institutions in this field.

Graduate description
- The great development in the field of information technology introduce the need for specialized engineering workforce that has the skills to deal with the advanced and modern devices used in radio and television production, satellite and Internet broadcasting, communications technologies, analog to digital data conversion, networking, and the production of media materials such video, animation and graphics.
- The period of study in the department is four years after the secondary school. The scientific section (Biology / Applied) The study system in the department is two semesters in the academic year. The student is granted a bachelor's degree in Media technology engineering after successfully completing (155) one hundred and fifty five units.
- Graduates of the Department of Media Technology Engineering are ready to compete in the local and global digital labor market and are highly skilled in the field of media engineering needed in media organizations and satellite channels (private / public).

Nature of the work
(A) The use of modern techniques, devices and equipment utilized in contemporary media technology.
(B) Preform technical operations for satellite broadcasting and Internet broadcasting.
(C) Working in multidisciplinary teams in the field of communications, media, networks, computers.
(D) Application of knowledge in the use of communications and the Internet.
(E) Production of media materials of all kinds.
(F) Conservation, periodic maintenance and contribution in the installation of modern equipment.
(G) Identify, formulate and solve engineering and mathematical problems.
(H) Design and conduct experiments and scientific research needed by employers.
(I) communicate effectively with respect for professional and ethical responsibilities.
(J) Evaluate systems, processes, components or software applications to meet the desired needs.
(K) Specialized auditing of engineering work in the field of communications, networks and TV broadcasting.
(L) Identify problems, analyze them, and identify appropriate requirements for its resolution. As well as data collection, analysis and interpretation.
(U) Application of the instructions relating to contracts and tenders.

Media Technology Engineering Program:

Open and dawnload Media Technology Engineering Program


Media Technology Engineering Program (Propose for 2019-2020):

Open and dawnload Media Technology Engineering Program (Propose)







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