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The University of Information Technology and Communications created and opened the College of Biomedical Informatics on 10-10-2019.

About Us

We Create the perfect Studying experience, Classrooms, and Labs with the best study types of equipment.


Leadership and excellence in developing an educational and research program in the field of biomedical informatics to meet the requirements of governmental institutions and the labor market at the local and international levels.


Providing academic and qualitative programs to prepare graduates with high skills in the field of bioinformatics to be able to contribute in solving the problems of society of an interlaced nature between information technology and biomedical.


  1. Graduating students with distinguished scientific and leadership skills that qualify them to compete in the labor market in various fields of biomedical informatics and enhance their moral values.
  2. Providing graduates with the skills that are needed to manage, analyze and mining in biomedical information, and to build smart medical systems for various purposes.
  3. Providing an innovative educational and research environment that encourages the student to learn and interact by providing scientific laboratories and classrooms with the latest advanced technologies.
  4. Developing academic curricula in order to keep abreast with local and international scientific and technical progress in a way that contributes to the graduation of scientific cadres able to contribute in community service.
  5. Promoting and developing the skills of the academic and research teaching staff by providing a modern teaching environment and supporting them to participate in sober local and international courses, seminars and conferences.
  6. Providing scientific and research advice to the beneficiaries of governmental and private institutions, enhancing cooperation and exchanging experiences with them.
  7. Effective contribution in bridging the gap between educational outcomes, institutional requirements and the labor market.



Intelligent Medical Systems


Bio Informatics



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Dean Word

The great development in the field of information technology and communications has assessed the emergence of many new specializations of an interlaced nature.

In view of this development, the University of Information Technology and Communications created and opened the College of Biomedical Informatics on 10-10-2019.

The College specialization is one of the modern specialties resulting from the overlap of information technology with biomedicine, and it is considered as a leading specialization concerned with studying all known techniques for employing and using modern information technology in the field of biomedicine in order to achieve a set of goals, including:

1- Benefiting from the scientific progress made in information technology and communications and its application in all fields of biomedicine.

2- Promoting the services provided in the field of biomedicine, and this includes health services in the field of human medicine, veterinary medicine, agriculture, and others.

3- Formulating and developing techniques and methods that can be used to achieve the best application of information technology in the field of biomedicine.

The College of Biomedical Informatics contains two departments: the Department of Intelligent Medical Systems and the Department of Bioinformatics, as the graduates of both departments have multiple capabilities and skills to serve the community.

Despite the novelty of the college, it seeks to achieve the requirements of academic standards according to the terms of local and international accreditation bodies to produce distinguished students who are able to compete in the labor market locally and internationally. The college also works to build an attractive work environment for all distinguished energies, including faculty, researchers, administrators, and technicians, by enhancing cooperation between them and spreading the work in the spirit of one team. In addition to the faculty seeking to cooperate and exchange experiences with all interested parties.

God grants success

Asst. Prof. Dr. Intisar Al-Mejibli
The Dean of Biomedical Informatics College

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