The Department of Internal Affairs is a department whose main mission is to provide housing for university students from other governorates and to equip them with all amenities for a safe and appropriate accommodation.
The management of the internal section is through the department’s presidency and through the supervisors of the internal section. The internal department was established from the year 2017 until now, with the exception of the academic year 2020-2021, due to the closure due to the Corona pandemic.
The building of the internal departments consists of 20 apartments, each apartment contains (2) bedrooms, (1) large living room, kitchen supplies, as well as a private bathroom for each apartment.
Each room contains beds with its accessories, and separate lockers for each student, in addition to that one room contains cooling and heating splits.
The building has all amenities and a suitable environment for the student from the Internet and continuous electricity (government and private generator), in addition to providing supervisors staff within the university’s staff, in addition to guards throughout the day affiliated to the Ministry of Interior.
The total number of students is 70 to 100 students annually.