Technology incubator

The incubator, in a simple concept, means dealing with a delicate topic that requires diagnosis and treatment to develop solutions, so it becomes an integrated and comprehensive system for this delicate topic and its simple concept. The technological incubator is an activity that helps researchers and innovators move a new idea from its laboratory or experimental form to production or investment. Practical assistance to equate growth in the economy in terms of product development, financing, management, organization and marketing processes, and according to the size of the incubator in the future. This requires concerted great efforts to continue the sustainability of the technological incubator, since the technological incubator stems from the modern trends of the global economy based on the spread of knowledge. The incubator is a system that has inputs and in it outputs.

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Technology Incubator Division

The Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research – Department of Research and Development – launched a network of university business incubators in all public universities. As a first stage, a business incubator was established in every public university. The program aims to establish and expand business incubators to build future generations and enable them to create sustainable solutions to facilitate the process of knowledge and research. In Iraq, by incubating and supporting ideas, projects, research and patents to stimulate creativity and innovation and spread the culture of entrepreneurship.
The work of the incubators network focuses on providing a developmental and guiding environment that supports business incubators by providing activities, events, and scientific and practical content for incubators’ employees and all parties interested in the incubation industry in Iraq, individuals and institutions.

Division vision and mission:

Work on building a university entrepreneurial center that represents the university and the Ministry’s program to spread and consolidate the culture of entrepreneurship to transform ideas, projects and patents into strong companies with added value to society, according to international standards and high specifications.
We also seek to stimulate and develop a thriving entrepreneurial culture by building a competitive small and medium enterprise sector that contributes to supporting the goals of economic development in Iraq.

Division tasks:

The division aims to provide a range of services that include entrepreneurship, innovation, and the establishment of incubators, to ensure access to the targeted sectors of the incubator’s services, and unify the efforts of incubators to attract inventors and innovators, and make every effort to support innovation and invention among citizens.

Incubator beneficiaries:

1. University graduates and students.
2. University faculty and staff.